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In the hearts of the Japanese True Religion Outlet beef fans, WAREHOUSE already belongs to a legend, a myth. More than a decade, WAREHOUSE always With respect to retro, will be engraved classic as the first important task, each year strive to introduce the permanent collection of the best jeans. Like the pattern of the reference period of jeans in 1920, there had been the knot, as a blueprint for the design of the bag float line, only the details reflected in the high level of production of the brand spirit, entirely limited hand-made masterpiece will make people life-long love.

WAREHOUSE's jeans all the old loom out of DENIM fabrics INDIGO dyes, the leg has always maintained a trouser legs and the inside of parallel double chains of car line, the traditional design of the outside open side ironing, people like going back 60 years , classic forever immortal.1001XX and 1004XX engraved style classic, which is more representative of 1004XX 10th Cheap True Religion Jeans Anniversary, the water effect transcendence. the INDIGO for jeans dyed special dye, called INDIGOFERA the plant extract. 1897 by ADOLFBAYER for the first time identified the chemical structure. Before 1920, basically all the jeans INDIGO staining, showing a slight green after many years of fade.

The Wrangler: Cowboys to design their own pair of jeans:The W rangler jeans is known as the "11MW (Men` sWestern,) ", the brand's visual identity uses a western buy True Religion horse game racer (R odeo), the pattern. Wrangler in the back pocket of the "W"-shaped Ming Ji line as a unique feature, which has also been retained to the present, becoming a Wrangler "ID". The late 1950s early 1940s, the BlueBell company invested heavily in publicity in a Hollywood western movie, which makes Wrangler visibility greatly increase, but also by the Hollywood horse movie star RodeoBen favor.

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