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1990s retro gradually become the Cheap True Religion Jeans mainstream in the jeans trend, studiod'artisan Zhongyu Ao has become one of the Japanese brands dominate the field. Lively pig LOGO image has been seen as the most outstanding symbol of the brand in retro design. studiod'artisan pants design with a clear brand to imitate shadow. Pants type is divided into two categories, namely, the Levi's money "and" the Wrangler models ". signature product is the Zhenglan dyed (natural indigo dyeing) series.

SUGAR CANE: creative and amazing Japanese model:As one of the three Japanese denim brand, of SU The GAR CANE unlimited creative people to its work was amazing. Japanese denim True Religion sale manufacturers EdoAi company launched in the early 1990s to use denim (selvage denim) and sugar cane fiber jeans products, and new product named the SugarCane (sucrose), said that just the factory of jeans will release the sweet smell The the SugarCane jeans wood touch as the main selling point has become the heart favorite of lovers of the world trend. 2 0 0 6 S the uga rCane the first time, 50% cotton and 50% sugar, special materials blended to weave a special pair of jeans fabric. This environmentally friendly fabrics, as a symbol of SugarCane attempt in recent years to lead the transformation of Japan's jeans sector.

the beginning: THE FLAT, HEAD: Japan is the most robust pair of jeans, T at the beginning:The entrepreneurial history of the flathead is the epitome of the tortuous history of many newborn denim brand with a strong local flavor and bitterness in revealing buy True Religion a little legend. THE FLAT, the HEAD to set up initially as the other Japanese brands, get rid of the shadow of levi's not plagiarism. Until well into the late 1990s, THEFLATHEAD began to have their own style. However, the most THE FLATHEAD become famous, or due to its impeccable super-excellent quality.

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