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Chromatic basic color to indigo True religion sale denim.To increase the varieties of indigo denim color shade change, chromatic cowboy variety is extremely popular. For example, indigo sets dyed sulfur black indigo sets of curing grass green dye, sulfur black, green, vulcanized blue, etc., to adapt to market personalized needs. Also makes denim production plant cowboy new varieties have patented features to improve the competitiveness of the market. This regard should be noted that, as far as possible to control the concentration of the good mother liquor to prevent the dye excessive overflow caused by the dye waste and expand the environmental pollution.

Color (what color) color (even color), denim?The main the bromine indigo (market commonly known as the Turquoise Blue) denim and sulfur black denim, and the use of sulfur dyes mixed colors coffee,reen, gray, khaki, curing blue denim, and a small amount True Religion jeans sale of the naf properly dyes or reactive dyes red, pink, Princess color denim and so on, although the production volume small, but the market demand is more urgent, and often meet not need to. The main problem is that the color shade is not stable enough, staining attention to sexual poor, garment manufacturing plant are not satisfied with this course and production quantities of small color too much about, but difficult to produce even color variety dyed pulp Machine.

consumption large, high cost, and the sewage is difficult to handle, but also have an impact. Solution first, designed to minimize the number of mixed colors, two True Religion jeans outlet mixed colors as possible, up to a maximum of three mixed colors, or use of other more stable dye species to replace, in order to adapt the production characteristics of the dyed pulp online, to obtain more stable staining results are more complete solution or dyeing of yarn-dyed factory yarn capacity sectional warping production process route to produce even color denim ideal.

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