herringbone True Religion jeans outlet denim

Can be divided into plain, twill, herringbone, interwoven True Religion jeans pattern, bamboo, Obscure, and flocking jeans and other denim fabric types in terms of ...Composition in terms of the cowboy sub-combed and carded 100% cotton, with stretch (Lycra), cotton and linen blend, and Tencel ...At home and abroad of the more popular varieties of denim ring spun yarn denim, latitude and longitude to bamboo denim, ultra-indigo-dyed denim, chromatic, color and even denim and weft stretch denim and so on.

Ring yarn denim With the high speed of the ring spinning, large package, the fine network Alliance, knot yarn development and application of new process equipment, the short length of coarse yarn spinning, low production efficiency, knot and other shortcomings have been resolved. Denim yarn airflow yarn instead of the situation is rapidly changing, ring spun yarn a great comeback potential. Ring yarn denim better than some of the performance of the air flow True Religion Outlet yarn, such as touch, drape, and tear strength, but also because people psychologically return to nature, the pursuit of the original development of the cowboy style, the more important reason is the ring spindle yarn denim clothing after wear and tear processing, surface showing a hazy bamboo-like style, is in line with the needs of today's jeans personalized. In addition, the market is very popular in slub denim, ring slub spinning shorter than the dense bamboo, also contributed to the development momentum of the ring denim.

Bamboo denimWhen the design with different yarn numbers, different bamboo roughness (with the yarn of the base), the section of bamboo length and pitch of the True Religion jeans outlet yarn, single by two-way or single weft and warp and weft with a slub yarn with the same number or different numbers of normal yarn appropriate proportion and arrangement can produce a wide variety of bamboo denim, after garment washed processing a variety of dim or clear of the grid-like style jeans by consumer demand for personalized groups welcome.

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