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Production process reasons, details NO.7 tassel, tassel early appearance at the sleeve seam and Ku Feng put together; Later, with the jeans production process changes in the jeans after the film made a new division line for the tassels reclamation new territory. Jeans Kukou hem, the skirt is colorful bright beads and cut deliberately scraped cowboy tassels embellished into full sense of national styles for women; best embodies True Religion jeans outlet the cowboy style, inlaid with tassels, from shiny silk ear to the rough suede spike, against the background of denim blue emitting a mysterious flavor.

The extraordinary mosaic of details NO.8 is the starting point of the cowboy, but certainly not its end. The decorative techniques used in the cowboy on more and more, so that the product put on the cloak of luxury from the common people. With diamond approach may be True Religion online the most expensive, but still fancy denim dark blue silence of the big stars big stars of the diamond generous mosaic up. Similar approach with inlaid diamonds on a number of rivets, rivets in denim jeans will be as if the stars of the night, with it, and then plain to your eyes.

Details NO.9 lace lace jeans is a sign of another feminist cowboy era. Charming and wild at the same time attack, as Feel the effect is indeed overwhelming, this effect is indeed gained the favor of the godmother of punk Vivian Westwood. Denim and lace clothing to the interpretation of the usual grotesque woman's explanation, bored with the models dressed as a lady of cheap True Religion the red-light district - embellished with lace, denim, and the hole in the colored stockings, her charming all the works exposed face.

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