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Early years, the lack of True Religion jeans sale processing technology of cloth shrinkproof, use the lower back of the waist jeans buckle to adjust the waist. Jeans, true and false (graphic) teach you to distinguish between true and false of Levis jeans (graphic) less than $ 200 levis jeans, is certainly false. Between fake and genuine, the boundaries of a price (of course there are many daring the name of the sale of counterfeits of genuine banner shop the price of the subject is very high). Different prices depending on the Trouser. Under normal circumstances, some pants-shaped genuine sellers can accept the bottom line is between $ 250-300. In other words, in this price segment, we may only buy two levis jeans child: First, the most cost-effective the levis genuine jeans, the two most expensive fakes.

If you levi's jeans do not sufficiently understand or will not identify true and false, then you most likely to buy the most expensive fake. In the end the two different? Learn True religion sale to identify genuine and fake Levis jeans will help you choose the right pair of jeans! Consider the following illustration:Fax: not very clear fart pocket side of a small red flag marked Levis word embroidery. False: fart pocket side a small red flag marked Levis word embroidery is very clear.

Fax: jeans pocket line is the famous double-arc curvature is not large, like the one in the flight of the swallows. False: jeans pocket line arc curvature is very exaggerated, like a broken winged swallow.Fax: cowboy buttons, brass, rivet a bit biased pink copper and hit True Religion Outlet the nail in the convex part of the brass. False: denim button aluminum color, the entire hit nails brass, not exquisite workmanship.Fax: denim side of the jeans front pocket bottom edge will turn into the turn, there is no flash. False: the bottom edge of the pocket is in the jeans directly thousand side, the cowboy side plush, rough.

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