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A large waist of men - should not be selected True Religion Canada decorative jeans. Shirt to be placed outside the pants, do not beam into the pants, the upper body can wear a denim jacket or vest to hide a thick waist. Tall slim male - optional straight-type jeans, upper body with a loose shirt, and then tied the belt can be light and elegant. Waist and hips are larger male - should choose straight jeans, and attention to the decoration of the upper body, can be equipped with wear printed T-shirt or long a little coat.

Belly prominent, buttocks, the upper loose optional medium, the lower, darker color jeans, upper body with a T-shirt to wear bright colors, the visual center of gravity moved to the lower buy True Religion part, reducing the feeling of abdominal distension So, I believe that everyone should understand! .. Selected article for their own handsome come to Qinghe Hey!"Jeans" all sorts of Clothes style types. Popular a hundred years of cowboy casual and comfortable T shirt, elegant is installed, the ordinary stall goods.

These kinds of clothes in English are the how expression? Want to know on the do not miss the following . like this the tank top. It goes with my baggy Jeans, I like this vest, with it with my baggy jeans. They say Americans than Europeans and Japanese do not attach Cheap True Religion Jeans importance to wear, I have observed is also true. the standards of the American girls wearing is usually a T-shirt or exposing the navel cute vest (tank top), matched with a pair of jeans (Jeans,) the boys, then almost only a thin does not navel exposed .

mentioned above the tank top, vest, said the Chinese is the kind of sleeveless T-shirt. a boys wear white vest looks like underwear, tank top, Americans put wife True Religion Outlet beater tank top nicknamed because they feel people will be wearing this vest is usually strong muscles and the arm will have tattoos.

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