True Religion jeans sale right ultimately

With these kind of hero True Religion jeans sale can be reputed rivers and lakes: strikes, shock the splendid. To leave these things, he could only squat corner crying. So the historical status of the jeans, and as much as Guan Gong's Dragon the weir month knife. So-called guam towels, the Ge towels and lupine, ghost know who is wise. Second, lasso, cowboy towel, cowboy hat, cowboy clothes, cowboy boots ... from the cinema to come out, these elements will be seared in your mind.

In fact, the real cowboy is not the case, they face the dirt, work monotony, living hard and dirty, in addition to poor food, but also suffering from cold and summer heat, dysentery and insect bites. All of these are associated with distinct screen and literary works True Religion jeans outlet of the kind of spirits cowboy image. So, dreams and reality is always a gap. Third, wear jeans, not to be a cowboy. The cowboy is gone, but it as a sign distinctive symbol, has been seared in our hearts. This sign represents the arbitrary, its own way, the true human nature.

Jeans to look for the signs, rather than brand. Age of peace there are no heroes to do, then do an ordinary person, and then over the lives of ordinary people. The true meaning of life is born, live, keep breathing, do not breathe. Off jeans today, tomorrow cattle. , The so-called cattle, driving a tank go to the fair, go shopping, riding a sow, lying on top of a True Religion online wall Apricot, squatting on public toilets to see small animals - taking advantage of young, capable of bad things are done right, and even Cao Cao said : wine and song, life is geometry?

Such as the morning dew, Goes. Life is like a wear jeans five years, seven cats should be eight hole ... no matter how rich life is ultimately not escape violence crotch. What is life? Life is a peasant, spring, a bit field; life is a few acres to a cow, the white picket cheap True Religion fence of his wife and children; life wanes, joys and sorrows, impotence and premature ejaculation. Wait, wait. Life both tragedy and comedy. What is tragedy?

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