True Religion Outlet hurry primitive

If your pants are not careful sprinkled with red True Religion online wine, do not jump washed red wine, beer, no wine can make your pants smell terrible, but you do not hurry and washed with water, the solution is only two, or dry cleaning, or lying not washed until the finish cleared 11 if you wash jeans with warm water, do not use bleach if you like Takuya Kimura in an iron heart , then use warm water, do not add bleach to their teeth, this is the advice given by the famous American magazine "Real Simple" 12 do not take more than four jeans into the washing machine. 4 jeans very heavy As for the impact of your washing machine to turn the water, so not only for the washing machine itself is not good, jeans will not wash clean, and even would be unsightly appearance of wrinkles 13 regardless of your jeans in washed into what all do the ironing believe me, the iron is not prepared to jeans, so in any case not take out 14 wash jeans, put the inside out to wash.

this experience the truth of the jeans, the Levi's jeans True Religion jeans care instructions also say that I re-emphasized so your jeans will retain its original color and washing effects. 15 If you do not wash jeans are also worried that the taste, put in the refrigerator give it a try. This idea is also given by the Swedish jeans brand Nudie, regardless of pipe , you give it a try, but note on the freezer, not the freezer 16 jeans are washed, do not wring, you should be when it dripping directly mounted racks to dry, so as to guarantee jeans the most primitive shapes and wrinkles.

For people accustomed to wearing a price of $ 50 True Religion jeans outlet which is always a magical mystery: a pair of jeans how to be so expensive to the United States, high-end jeans brand, the "true faith" True Religion's new "Phantom "(the Phantom) series price is as high as $ 375.   Supermodel Giselle Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen) once endorsement top jeans brand in the United States the "true faith" denim jeans (True Religion Jeans).   

Gisele Bundchen, South Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun also jointly launched with the true faith, True Religion "Gianna by True Religeon" jeans series.   True Religion Jeans (the "true faith" cowboy, referred to TRJ) in December 2002 to create a True Religion Outlet brand, TRJ's headquarters in Los Angeles, USA. True Religion denim is a high-end jeans, Old, True Religion denim alone in the field of high-end denim to detail, excellent well-known: from leading the fashion of the Kai joints, beautifully embroidered, to the revolutionary feel of vintage washed manual a leading position.   

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