Popular brand in juicy couture handbags Hollywood

Popular brand in juicy couture handbags Hollywood, paparazzi photographed celebrities a lot of exposure and become the focus of attention of Juicy Couture fashion design of the nation's chief representative of the female hip-hop fashion, sexy, sweet, swept the world and foreign superstars, Britney Spears, the Hilton sisters, Mary Danner, J.LO Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Linsailuohan are also lovers of this brand!
Luxury fashion sporty, JUICY COUTURE, full of texture and streamline modeling, design, and every little detail to reveal the emerging trend of fashion women fashion brand juicy couture bags "in 1996 by two aware of dressing girl Pamela Skaist-Levy, and the band Duran Duran bass of his hands, John Taylor, Gela Nash-Taylor, Taizuo founded in Pacoima, California. In 1994, P & G (Pamela & Gela) the creation of products pregnant women jeans Travis, Jeans Inc.
Gela, the son named Travis, and in 1996 launched the first time the name of "juicy couture diaper bag" T- shirt. P & G Gela's home base, and $ 200 dollars of capital, and began the expansion of the Juicy Couture. Juicy's clothing in recent years, loved by the ladies, the product of the towel material is the darling of many ladies, in the gym, everyone is a Juicy Couture yoga installed.

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