lives the women True Religion location

Cherry said privately it is real True Religion prudent gentleman, such a temperament I think it is true. Finally, I cried and said of the my cat, I can only say that my aesthetic is different (although I am also a cat home would also like to risking one's life that my feelings) cat ah, you gave me to wear sexy! I think the assistant look is not very suitable for you to wear this attached to glasses seems a bit old-fashioned, but still very like your new hair!
The finish the question and then stray first to introduce this brand. Jeffery from California and Kym in the sunny west coast of the United States, jeans and music accounted for more than half of their lives the women True Religion location of this husband and wife file is in love with jeans design, and more fascinated by the explosive power of rock and roll denim brand, founded two years ago True Religion, and the two made ​​a clever combination of a thumbs-up logo on the one hand, one hand holding the guitar Maitreya, passing out two jeans, rock and roll as the most loyal faith in this life.
"East Chip & Pepper, True Religion," in the West, the U.S. denim market is very unique, a brand boom cycle arc, as long as the heat and the topic of a fade, designers will be re-packaged, brought True Religion men out new dishes, launch new brands and ideas, True Religion in the market for only two years, the right of husband and wife team responsible for the design behind this, come out early before there own brand, design jeans for them is continue to play out the challenge of new tricks.