believe that the True Religion men positioning

At present, the construction real True Religion of the profit model for a single product trousers Puzzle to make a lot of single items pants enterprises have been restructuring and development, OEM production of the domestic brands, many enterprises have accumulated valuable experience. In the development process, some of the brand is also home to gradually establish its own network access: self-employed direct sales, franchising, agency management, hosting management, wholesale business accounts for a large seats; to large department stores and shopping malls counters retail monopoly shop retail, wholesale distribution, the distribution model to buy processing custom pants steadily.
"Love me, love my dog" and agree with the other products of this brand, "skillfully deflected the force to promote the overall development of the enterprise, and only allow consumers to agree to a brand products are the blasting point has truly found, to the vicinity of 10, a chain reaction as a whole, only such explosions effect, the enterprise in order to form women True Religion the biggest advantage of the brand, and the premise must produce a series of explosions by a single brand to drive the development of multi-brand, relying solely on the path of a single brand to come black, is unable to produce such an explosion effect, companies will not get long-term development.
Secondly, in terms of brand effect, relying solely on a single product to break through seemed weak when consumers understand the product and feel the product and believe that the True Religion men positioning of the product, this positioning will be long-term long-term entrenched in the minds of consumers, then brand at this time to fully manifest, namely the use of this brand to enable consumers to?