detour in order womens True Religion jeans to meet

Leavis (Live's) in Japan womens True Religion to rely on crazy, driven by a group of stars, lead to a new popular tide, and its promotion of "ergonomic jeans" concept, enabling a large copier, will be a big star are placed above copy directly to the posters, the madness triggered a wild spread of the virus, called a model of hot fans marketing. Lee brand family scenario promotion strategy, screening of women in the ad to show their close positioning, took off his clothes put on the scene of Lee's home from work; some depicting a three-year-old women about the effort to wear off all kinds of jeans, and finally put Lee, implication, only Lee's most personal; some advertising play a series of snapshots of daily life of women with children, and women on the screen wearing comfort of Lee, to be free.
In this, the need to mention is that Lee had To do this a detour in order womens True Religion jeans to meet the needs of the channel, will be positioned to fashion and taste, personality lost sales greatly reduced. People do not know in the early days of Marlboro, Marlboro's target market is mainly the women, their aspirations is a "moderate" like May weather, hoping to become a female confidante. However, it did not, even though the U.S. the number of smokers every year on the rise, sales of Marlboro cigarettes are always flat.
White cigarette holder that a lot of women complain of cigarettes will catch their lipstick, very unsightly; As a result, the cigarette holder changed to red, but did not restore the womens True Religion Petite fate of Miss Wan Baolu cigarettes decline. To the fifties of last century, when Marlboro was to change the positioning, target market lock men, bold transformation of the Marlboro image, enable the stink of rough, bold, heroic?