deeply True Religion jeans production

Whitewashed retro color change: the True Religion online color of spring and summer of jeans is always light, spring and summer this year, jeans Apart from the deep blue color change is the biggest feature is the retro feel of the whitewashed, stone wash, rinse, and even sand blasting and other processing. In addition, the crotch shape changes, the use of different scrub color to make cat whiskers, wrinkles graphics. Third, the design changes; previous quarter, the popular three-dimensional feel of the 3D jeans. This year, spring and summer jeans considerable emphasis on the design, stitching and sewing technology. Jeans, denim, denim clothing, cattle.

With Tsai, skirts, denim, fashion, jeans, buy jeans True Religion sale monopoly, the jeans market, zoo, Wudaokou, jeans, fashion jeans, denim brand ONLY (MISS SIXTY, 's, and the Levi LEE, LEE corpor), new release, cowboy film, advertising cowboy, cowboy image, the cowboy with the stars, in the case of a growing number of fabric choice for multi-functional technology, taking into account the needs of the wearing of the spring and summer climate, light denim jeans and add elastic Lycra, retractable bump texture skills denim jeans hot in fashion this year.

Jeans production process clothing, jeans production process (five bags of denim) jeans commonly used in the production of sewing routine, and the entire production process, including style, size, design and production process, including testing materials, nesting, shop True Religion jeans materials, cutting , sewing, washing, ironing, drying and shaping a variety of production processes. To ensure the stability of product quality of the jeans, in the production process, the need to develop a series of processes and control. From fabric to pieces, the process between the various processes and the assembly line to arrange a direct impact on both inputs and outputs. Prenatal stage of the prenatal stage, the production orders a single raw data from customer information: record jeans sample, template, the washing process color correction, and precautions.
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