vegetable True Religion sale market management is very

France to True Religion online find 10 similar size, height man, playing tennis True Religion jeans online bromidrosis dripping, then this heap with sweat clothes together, and their wives to recognize the results of their nose, even the whole come to the right . In fact, we have a strong sense of smell, but not long-term, I am sorry to use, because we can not recognize in each other's smell to smell.   People magazine: your experiment succeed?   

Chiang Hsun: vegetable True Religion sale market management is very strict, very clean must be cleaned at night, not to leave a trace. Handkerchief eyes Mongolia up, one by one to smell the first one found selling fish stalls in the air the smell of fish and clams, but took off the towel on the ground with a fish scale not found. We sat there discussion: What is the smell? Fish have died, may have long since been gone to eat stomach, the smell did not disappear, and adhere to the inside still air. Later, we also find lamb, beef, pork, ginger, onions, parsley, chives, Tonghaosu odor.   People Weekly: What is the relationship and aesthetics? Chiang Hsun: the word "aesthetic" has long been misunderstood, the original intent of the word is "feel the school, used True Religion jeans the word" aesthetics "in Japanese translation. It is not limited to visual aesthetics, is the study of 2000 kinds of colors, more than 10,000 kinds of sense of smell, a variety of decibel hearing, taste and touch.   

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