decorative cheap True Religion embroidery scraps

Close the low-cut jeans, plus cheap True Religion more than 10% of shrinkage, the version is always a constant adjustment, and jeans most True Religion jeans online taboo waves wrinkle requirement is that the close fit, while the last two years, some big brands to introduce three-dimensional cutting we learn to cut the almost Cadogan received at the knee fold, or more a face to easily enhance the jeans ... cowboy suit cut, you can reflect the skill of a version of the division, especially using the elastic high, it is difficult to sleeve done flat, wrinkle, beautiful shape ......

And then talk about the decorative craft of the cowboy: the trend of the past two years cowboy and former addition to changes in the design of very particular about washing, but also attaches great importance to the handling of the decorative craft of the cowboy:   a cowboy flash, jeans scraps, rags of pants body trimmed with scissors, plus a special True Religion Outlet line; many big brands so engaged oh ......   , embroidery, including patterns of computer embroidery flower-shaped design.   3, hot drilling, this appeals to the Russian market welcome ...   , paste the embroidery, embroidered, beaded, useful process design ...

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