True Religion jeans bottom modern fair

Through the establishment True Religion online of a solid foundation, and then with well-designed product and market development True Religion jeans online programs, Levi has been found to increase profits in the domestic jeans market downturn, Levi Strauss & Co. jeans at the core not only in American history accounted for a place, has become the world's largest apparel companies. According to Russia's "Morning News" reported on August 7, the world's most expensive jeans Levi Strauss company limited production 1879 Levi's jeans market price of this pair of pants for $ 125,000 each. Equivalent to 810,000 yuan.

In recent years, jeans have been dubbed " Europe and the United States cottage design style to follow the European style, who had no beyond, the blind pursuit of the Cheap True Religion so-called " fashion " , but lost their center of gravity.We love our fashion started late this an excuse to stall out all China jeans, fashion recession " phenomenon, as if we had the glory really belongs only to " " : We have behind a moment, we will be doomed backward off the I,. In China's economic takeoff in the world to see in China today, we still learn from good experience " as an excuse to have stuck with the back of popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea popular.

Looking back now, even two years before being promoted in full swing " China Wind " is also a foreigner fried up - who has long been the Chinese designer Zang bottom of the cheongsam, the previous two years, a large hot blue and white porcelain, are excavated by foreign designers, the designer jeans to catch up - our own things, need to be reminded to realize how True Religion outlet precious this is ridiculous.China jeans (Shenzhen Fashion Fair on behalf of the Chinese pair of jeans, then) In addition to the cottage, the only regret. Modern China jeans, seems to have been a hedge

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