cheap True Religion jeans seventies affected quality

LEVI'S success of the kingdom, to be considered from True Religion online 501, 501 birth of Levi STRAUSS in 1873 with another group of JACOB DAVIS they produce buttoning jeans hit the nail "registered patent. Then 501 is one kind of True Religion outlet shrink fit to the results, and very welcome by workers. LEVI'S jeans is the product of the early years, help to build the American dream. The 1930s jeans play the role of the overalls, but he had a tendency to tend to the casual, but still practical design-based. In the 1960s, Levi'S Kingdom in Europe substantially expand their business, then swept through the entire European sales and reputation along with the sharp rise.  

The jeans cultural development to the 1970s is a collective global trend. Breakthrough in the evolution of change in the style. Changes in a wide angle from the traditional straight leg style, pants, bell-bottoms to. Evolution by the bell-bottoms to the 1980s carrot True Religion outlet pants. The shape change of the jeans, in the seventies and eighties can be said to polarization. LEVI'S During this period, in the style evolution has been to follow up the trend. With the advent of the late eighties, pay attention to fit paste clothes, jeans from the previous evolution

Straight cutting in pursuit of the original jeans flavor, with this wind, LEVI'S 501 set off another pair of jeans trend, jointly and severally are affected by this in the 1990s the trend of impact . Addition to the 501 re-reflux, LEVI 'S series has three branches distinguish trademarks flags of different colors, respectively. "Red Flag" as opposed to too much personal search for the original "fashion can be considered (501 included);" Silver Flag "sell" modern cheap True Religion jeans basic style: Special attention to high quality and the washing process and production results; "orange flag "in addition to the basic style, but also the development of other trendy styles, is the product of a series of material was trendy.  

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