True Religion Outlet appreciate grateful ran

"Do boys staring cheap True Religion stare at me, I'm not like Xiaoran as tough, is an introvert. To see such a scene, I had a loss, look at that boys look of deadpan, I took Xiao Ran said, "Well, a pair of pants? Do not struggle with them. Xiaoran can not eat that, "This is your favorite pair of pants, so they ended up this way, so even?" I just stood aside, that the boys finally spoke, "You are Which class, I go back to buy new you sent in the past. "third year two, when you find Xiaoran line." I Xiaoran took my left.

Think about that time, I really thought they lose, I just feel a little pity, after all, just a pair of pants, that does not. Two days later, he found our class come and find me and Xiao Ran, handed me a new pants. Opened it, I was stunned, and that looks exactly the True Religion Outlet same, because the pants I have bought a long time, the market should be very difficult to buy the same. "I am looking for a couple of days, only this one and that, although not the same, but do not look carefully or too close to call." Speaking of that boys straight. I know that can buy, has been difficult, seems that these two days he really spent a lot of thought.

I am a little embarrassed, "that how much money these pants, I give you money, you would not be intentional, to let you lose is not very appropriate." He said: "promised to bear the consequences to you, you meant you carry it with me, otherwise I was also True Religion jeans sale uncomfortable. "Xiaoran side echoed:" You take it, though not really the same, but can also "I will accept it, and my heart very grateful to him. Later, on the way home, Xiao Ran said to me, she quite appreciate the guy.

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