passing extent True Religion jeans online clothing

Levi's 501 jeans, of a number of the world's first True Religion online debut in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. Cowboys originally miners, workers in the tooling, the process of industrialization in the United States, 501 was born, and began to be used for factory workers. It even appeared in the Charlie Chaplin film "Modern Times". Levi's 501 most prominent feature of the pants before the metal buttons instead of zipper design, which is the classic Levi's jeans models.

The thin narrow type of jeans is more suitable legs slender male, the male body and temperament is most critical. It is relatively easy to exquisite performance, elegant image of the male, slimming suit is the best match options. If Levi's606, EDWIN502, Lee301 and other grades Cheap True Religion are a thin narrow jeans.His pants and type of small speakers: the trouser leg is slightly larger, such as Levi's517, EDWIN101F, Lee102 grades.

Speaker trouser leg: a passing fad of the 1970s style, the trouser leg below the knee, such as Levi's646 grades.The bell-bottoms, a popular style of the seventies and eighties, it can create the perfect leg curve, but the tide of fashion in recent years has been rarely seen in the figure of the bell-bottoms.Bootcut jeans is characterized by: the trouser leg below the knee True Religion outlet gradually change the width, but with long pants, heels over the previous. It is somewhat similar to the bell-bottoms, but the pants-type natural flow, can to some extent, modified leg type, in recent years the more popular of the jeans styles.The sand is used to make jeans and other clothing appears to have a certain fading effects and old-fashioned sense of industrial technology.

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