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Yesterday, the "Father of Euro" Robert Mundell arrived True Religion Outlet in Chongqing. Chongqing Morning News reporter Hu Jieshe.Three classic story of the Nobel Prize.Robert Mundell, born in 1932 in Ontario, Canada. 1999 Nobel laureate in economics, the founder of the "optimal currency area theory, known as the" Father of Euro ".

 Mondale There are three classic stories of friends and the media talked about. First, he was elected Fellow of the U.S. econometric, but not opened the letter, this honor is Cheap True Religion Jeans completely unaware of;
is elected President of the American Economic Association, and even forgot to attend the inauguration; he served as the "Journal of Political Economy," editor in chief period, often too lazy to look at is issued letter of reply that this academic journals, the tragic collapse.Mondale also have to pay the price for the 1999 Nobel Prize for his contribution to the economics profession, be regarded as long overdue. Back in the early 1980s he has been included in the list of candidates, but "strange behavior, disorderly conduct, been removed from.

WASHINGTON, U.S. time on Monday morning, the Facebook website (Facebook) in New York formally opened the IPO (initial public offering) roadshow to attract hundreds of investors to participate. CEO Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, wearing jeans and a black True Religion sale sweatshirt at the scene.Facebook is the world's largest social networking sites, it is learned last week with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted to the IPO update file, the IPO range price of 28 ~ $ 35, the issue limit, the maximum amount of financing to reach $ 13.6 billion. Facebook's market value will be between 77 billion to $ 96 billion, a U.S. technology company IPO to get the highest valuation of the company more than $ 23 billion in the Google listing in 2004, the market capitalization of close to Amazon.

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