True religion sale population accessory

The most complete industrial True religion outlet chain, the largest annual production grade of the product family is the most complete OEM production and export of the largest denim garment cluster base. Today, fabric factory which is relatively large, open Xinchang King honor. With pulp plant Sui Xin, Lai Cheong production, sales of zippers, metal, plastic buttons, leather card and other garment accessories factory. The factory opened in the new Town suburbs, generally set up stalls in the urban area. In this town, more than 60 percent of the population around the jeans this industrial chain. Before the development of the denim industry, the the Xintang only 80,000 of the local population, after 30 years of industrial development, the local population expansion in less than three times, has attracted over one million of foreign population. 60 yuan

Open a factory in Xintang, the vast majority of the partnership, two or three people scrape together the tens of thousands of dollars, roof rack of True religion sale clothes car, rent a plant employed few workers can start. The partner is likely to fellow business contacts know. Zhi-Xiang Li and Guo Li, that is, the fellow had also a business associate. Recognize less than six months for a partnership set up factories to hit it off. Division of tacit understanding, to pull together. Zhi-Xiang Li is mainly responsible for the management of the factory, Kuo Li drive and taking up to buy fabrics, accessories, and send the pants to wash water and other aspects of work.

These two boys, almost do not eat breakfast, lunch and often one or two to eat, dinner onto the eight or nine is not surprising. LI Zhi-Xiang's True religion jeans sale mother came from Shenzhen last year Xintang, the children help him cook to the workers. LI Zhi-Xiang sometimes with their dinner, and occasionally go out eating. After dinner, they continue to return to factory work, sometimes stare goods, do not need to shop when they are in the office internet to find customers.

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