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Many people do not know True Religion jeans POLO, CK, MUDD brand jeans, once from the Xintang named Chong Hing leading enterprises. Chong Hing was founded The Wu Huidong is a 20-year-old boy in the Xintang a large garment factory for three months tailor. Later, in the early 1990s that the wave of wave the Xintang universal cowboy processing Story, Wu Huidong led, brothers and sisters a few chip in to buy 18 sets of sewing machines, Fen Shen put the processing industry. His wife sewing skilled, sits by her factory, Wu Huidong is the main external clients expand. Founded four years later, Wu Huidong registered two independent brands: Chong Hing HITWON.

In 2000, Wu saw the spillover effects of China's accession to the WTO, Chong Hing soon received the first internationally renowned brands POLO export OEM single. Prior to this, Xintang cowboy export-oriented, accounting for about 20 percent of the national True Religion Outlet exports, Chong Hing has been to go the domestic route. POLO boss came to Chong Hing was surprised to say, why not find Chong Hing? The MUDD later also found Chong Hing, they gave the orders, the 5000 factory finish, an annual production of millions is not surprising. Chong Hing was able to even a month out of one million pairs of jeans to the United States.

But gradually, Wu Huidong found overseas orders the cake is not cut, they have almost no bargaining power. Chong Hing, executive vice general manager of Lee Eun remember very clearly talk about the price and U.S. customers in 2004, the other processes should be less 1 cent. "In the past few cents a few cents in 2004 by sub-talk, we feel unable to do." Lee True Religion jeans sale told the "Global Entrepreneur". Chong Hing to re-enact the rules of the game. Since then, Chong Hing back to the domestic, to strengthen research and development to create its own brand, to strengthen their bargaining power in the industrial chain. However, the transition also paid a price for that year.

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