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Inventory of jeans sales program?The following is a True Religion Canada personal stock jeans everyone views everyone views on individual stocks jeans, purely personal for two years to spread the retail a little summary to share with you! Retail a little summary to share with you!Program, programs, facade sales.Stock jeans sales in the facade, we have to do the following in order to achieve higher sales and more repeat customers! First of all, we are looking for a shop, market town, market, a larger flow of the business district can, specifically based on individual conditions, geography, and other advantages. Rent in a bazaar and town in the 1000-2000 monthly, and flow of large commercial rents relatively high market, under normal circumstances not more than 4000 per month in special circumstances, according to the actual Store to determine good and then to the layout of the store no need for fine decoration, because we do not do high-end consumer! Mainly highlight the cheap! Hanging on display or horizontal hanging rod or glass compartment?

The personal feel with hanging nets and cross hanging rod than the glass compartment is better, the general wholesale market have such a near sell promotional props! Hanging True religion sale on the cross hanging rod nail, we start to display, display of goods is also critical, such as supermarkets, the reasons for selling goods and specials in a visible spot, while the slow-moving and high-priced goods on the shelf the top or bottom, usually 75 degrees of human vision is most easily found! Of course, we can also jeans, color or price differentiation to determine how to display! The next step is pricing it! Speaking of price really can not be so rigid!

Example: jeans sold in Shishi, 20 in the second-tier cities and towns above the least expensive should be three to four decades, the simple reason that lions have a large who True Religion jeans sale lesale markets, the foreign guests to the wholesale market into a cargo difficult, generally in the wholesale market into two more than a dozen, go back in the case of long-distance fares, fees, sell three to four normal Very clear cheap clothing generally make the trip! We can put the full 19 yuan sign hung at the door in order to attract customers, plus the speaker playback: passing through do not miss!

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