buy True Religion famoous anyways

8 do not wash your jeans, determined True Religion sale not to wash your jeans.Levi's Day * The spokesperson Takuya Kimura also particularly love the jeans, he would advocate never wash jeans, this is not without reason, some of the character of the jeans brand straightforward to tell you: If you insist on not washing jeans, it will more The more fit your body.If more than one really can not stand that six months later to buy a new pair of jeans began to wash it.Swedish brand Nudie denim Care Guide said: a pair of jeans is your second layer of skin, and it has an intimate relationship, you wear the more it is also more good-looking, and the more you wash it, it the more good-looking.

If your pants are not careful sprinkled with red wine, do not jump washed.Wine, beer, no wine can make your pants smell terrible, but you buy True Religion do not hurry and washed with water, the solution is only two, or dry cleaning, or stood not washed until the finish cleared.11 If you wash jeans with warm water, do not use bleach.If you like Takuya Kimura in an iron heart to teeth, then use warm water, do not add bleach, which is the advice given by the famous American magazine "Real Simple".12 do not take more than four jeans into the washing machine.The jeans will be more than four very heavy so that the impact of your washing machine to turn the water, so not only on the washing machine itself is not good, jeans will not wash clean, and even would be unsightly appearance of wrinkles.

13 regardless of your jeans in washed into what are True Religion Canada not to use the ironing.Believe me, the iron is not prepared to jeans, anyway Do not take out. wash jeans, put the inside out to wash.This experience is the truth of the jeans, the Levi's jeans care instructions say so. Me emphasize again that because of your jeans will keep the original color and washing effect.If you do not wash jeans are also worried that the taste, put in the refrigerator try.This is also a Swedish jeans brand Nudie given idea, the management does not work, you give it a try, but note on the freezer, rather than the freezer.

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