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The leading fashion True Religion jeans alternative music is the use of the music of the suit. The music played a very important role. Two different styles, impressive music, representing two completely different concept of life and lifestyle, and personalities is completed, but also to convey the combination of traditional and fashion product range, in order to convey to the target audience personality traits. Therefore, this ad won the music prize awarded for the first time the ad. Music suit the use of the commercials is also reflected in it adapted to the characteristics of a media release. Release focus on youth programming, the MTV class of popular channels, the Internet and other fashion media mediated.

weird and bizarre alternative poster of the printed poster advertising campaign is grotesque, bizarre, grotesque and bizarre alternative bills. The Sta True Religion Outlet Prest and products are most proud of the grotesque and bizarre alternative poster crease became the pan-European print ad campaign the most significant characteristics. In one ad, a beautiful girl holding ?A little man wearing the Sta-Prest and shirt, but the girl is not difficult, because the little man standing on a crease. However, even though it strongly convey the Sta-Prest and "uniform and sharp" appearance characteristics, but the relative lack of aura - there is no unique personality, the heart and soul full of charm about the meantime.

Domestic jeans brand jeans are a straight indigo denim tailoring crotch pants, narrow legs, shrunk after wearing tight package buttocks. First appeared in the True Religion jeans sale western United States, once welcomed by the local miners and cowboys, are still very popular in the contemporary. The jeans can be said throughout the year and never dying star, was listed as the first of the "wild clothing. Variety with cowboy quickly won the majority of young people to pursue. Today, the cowboy with the style has become the mainstream of the denim industry, piercing is another personality.

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