True Religion Outlet production including

The industrial production True Religion Outlet of the jeans will adopt the assembly-line, using a variety of production equipment and equipped with a variety of technical workers to operate in a production line, the entire manufacturing process, including style, size, design and production process, including testing for feeding, nesting, shop materials, cutting, sewing, washing, ironing, drying and shaping a variety of production processes.

One, jeans technological process? To ensure product quality stability of jeans, clothing, jeans, for example, in the production process, the need to True Religion jeans sale develop a series of processes and control. From fabric to pieces, the process between the various processes and the assembly line to arrange a direct impact on both inputs and outputs.1, pre-natal stage Prenatal stage, production orders alone, the raw data from the customer information: record jeans sample, model, and the washing process color correction, and precautions.

The above information is to check as soon as sent to the relevant departments.Production began to develop a production process chart. Production technology True Religion jeans outlet sector mutual agreement with customers, correction model and the kind of clothing in order to develop production processes and reduce costs. With details of the production process, they start work, the revised model and kind of clothing to calculate the feed rate to the cutting department, nesting mentioned materials, accessories, cutting, and cut pieces of sub-bundled service of the sewing workshop.

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